Sunday, September 24, 2006

The Gap interview

I had my interview for the overnight stock position at The Gap. The job is unloading a truck from 9pm - 3am. This will allow me to save an additional $3,000 for my move to NYC.

It was the first group interview I have ever had to do. There were 13 people. Only 4 of those 13 were applying for the stock job so I am pretty sure I will get it. It was a weird and awkward experience in the beginning.

The HR manager took us down to this tiny room that used to be used as a safe. So he had to file 6 people in this small room at a time, shut the door and open the next door to the room we would be interviewing in. Then he read off 4 questions about our personal experiences at jobs in the past. The questions ranged from what we did in a situation where a customer was upset, to examples of going out of your way to make a customer happy.

I am not the nervous type but for some reason I get a bit nervous when I have to speak in front of other peers. Everyone's answers had to do with experience related to cooking jobs, waiting jobs changing oil ECT... All my answers had to do with my experience traveling to trade shows, creating web pages and talking to editors. I was way over qualified and I felt a bit out of place. I mean dude, it's a job unloading a truck right? I live right up the street they would be a fool not to hire me.

I really want this job. The hours are perfect and it’s easy work. After a full 8 hours at my real job where I have to think I certainly don’t want to have a job where I need to use my brain for another 6 hours a day. Unloading a truck sounds perfect and the hours work.

So the guy that interviewed me said he would call us back early next week. Which would work out perfect because I could train next week and start on October 1st. My schedule is going to be fucking crazy until I move though. Mon - Friday I work my real job from 9-5:30. Then I get on the bus and get home around 6:30, get something to eat and sleep until 8:45, get the gap at 9:00 and work until 3am. Then get to bed and do it all over again. On the weekends I am going to have to work on my portfolio and resume. It's just what I have to do to make this goal of moving to NYC a reality.

Wish me luck!

Friday, September 22, 2006

It started Sept 15, 2006

This is the first time I have ever blogged. I am not sure many people will read this but I figured it would be fun to log my life day by day from now until I move to NYC. My plan is to not quit writing when I arrive but quite the opposite. For the next three months I will try and write something every single day about what happened that day but more importantly how those things affect my goal and how to make that goal of moving a reality.

Here is just a little about myself so you can get a rough idea of who you are reading about. I am 28 I live in the heart of downtown Seattle. I have an awesome job with the best boss' I have ever had in my life. Come to think about it I have always had good luck with bosses. I am still good friends with the Vice President at my old job I from 2000 – 04.

I am white, 6'2'', 170lbs soaking wet, I grew up in a small upper class neighborhood in Redmond Washington and I was the second class to graduate from Eastlake High school. After that I worked odd jobs and realized I better get some sort of education so I don't have to make $8.50 the rest of my life. I starting going to community college and found my love for computer art. After I took a few classes at Bellevue Community College I went to The Art Institute of Seattle. After two years there I graduated in Sept, 2000. Two months later I got my first real job at BEHRINGER USA. I was hired on as a Multimedia Designer. It was my responsibility to design a CD-ROM /interactive training tool for the sales reps to teach sales persons about our pro audio equipment. Two years after doing that, work was getting slow and a press relations job opportunity came up and I jumped at it. I got the job and the next day at work I got a PDA, a laptop, a cell phone and my first ticket to Germany. My first assignment was to go out and buy new suits and get a passport. I had never bought a suit in my entire life. Life was never better.

Well that job turned around when they hired a new CEO and fired my mentor/boss from his role as the president. After that BEHRINGER USA was never the same. Travel budgets were cut, cell phones got shut off, energy started changing in the office and we were moving out of our small place of 4 years on the water in Edmonds to a cooperate office building filled with cubicles. I called it the khaki shithole. This meant no more flying to Miami on business, no more using the cooperate card on artists in Miami beach, no more dancing downtown Miami while licking a girls finger full of powdered MDMA. It meant no more hanging out with artists, no more traveling to Germany and London and no more trade shows. The saddest part would be no more days of there only being 6 people hired in the office and the boss coming in and buying us lunch and telling us we have to get outside and play catch with the Nerf football. It was mandatory each day to stop doing your work and go outside and play catch. Yeah those days were over.

So after that I chilled on unemployment and went to school. Yeah I know you are not suppose to but what the hell, if I can work something and get away with it you better be sure I am going to try. I'm a hustla baby! Anyway, I went to school at another community college and started waiting tables. I first worked at Rock Bottom and then I quit and got a job making more money at Red Robin on the waterfront. I got sick of waiting tables, I was in the middle of moving out of a live in situation with my girl friend at the time and school wasn't a priority.

After I moved out it was time for another life change. I moved back home for a few months and got a job which I work at currently. I am a Creative Director at an online advertising firm called Offerfusion Inc. I like what I do but I need another change. I want to go back to school; I want to get hired on at an interactive design firm of some sort in NYC. I want to start designing for big brands. Soon I will be working on my new portfolio, updating my resume, working on other art projects and hopefully landing a freelance account or two before January.

The next six months of my life are going to change my life forever and more importantly they’re going to play a major roll in determining who I ultimately become as a young adult.

The objective:
To save 7 grand and fly to NYC with a one way ticket.

The Plan:
The main ingredient to this plan is to save money. It's Sept 22, 2006 and I have $800 saved. From my real 9-5 job I should be able to save around 4 grand before January 1st. I haven't done my taxes for 2 years so I called the IRS and got my W2's set to me. So from the IRS I will be adding approx 2 more grand making the total pot 6 grand. I took a second job unloading trucks at the local cap here in the city. I am thinking I should be able to save about $1,200 and I have a car to sell which will be another grand. Totaling the pot at a staggering $8,200. Oh yes I have a 65" HD television screen that I will be selling in December but I am not going to count that as money right now because I am planning on buying a new HUGE HD TV when I get to my new home. If I pull this off it will be the most money I have ever had in my bank account ever. This feeling alone will make all this worth it.

I am planning on looking for design jobs in NYC on craigs list in the meantime. Hopefully I will get a job before I go but I am not counting on it. I think in reality I will move there, get settled and then start pounding pavement looking for my new dream job. I will have saved enough I shouldn’t have to start stressing for at least 2 months maybe three. I am not worried about finding a job I have a good feeling about this.

Sept 15,
My girlfriend and I split up about a month ago. After the break up I have started to think about what I need to do to make me happy. I have always wanted to move to New York. I was working for a company called BEHRINGER doing press relations and multimedia design. That job allowed me to travel not only the United States but the entire world. Since I don't see myself moving to London anytime soon I figured New York would be almost as cool and not quite so drastic. I have visited New York 3 times and each time I never wanted to come back home.

I have lived in Seattle my entire life. I have lived downtown now for about 8 years and I am ready for something new. This city is cool in a lot of ways and it's not so cool in others. Its main drawbacks for me are its size and the fact I have been here my whole life. I am looking forward to moving across the country, away from my parents to learn about me. It's going to give me more character, it's going to force me to save money, I’m going to learn a whole new city, find new bars and restaurants, I get to meet new people, make new friends and become part of the energy that is New York.

This was the day I made the mental decision to move, today was the day that I was going to start putting this plan into action. I deposited $800 dollars into my savings.

Sept 16-today,
I took the day off work today to go get two applications for two new jobs. One was at the gap unloading trucks full of clothes and the other was for a front desk position at an upscale Hotel just up the street. The hours for the hotel job sucked though so I am not going to take it. The hours were 11:30am - 7:00am Saturday and Sundays or should I say Sunday and Mondays. :)

That is enough writing for one night I think that should get everyone up to speed for now. Check in everyday because I'll be posting everything that happens to me for the next many months.